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Adobe Express for Higher Education

Enable students and teachers to easily create impactful visual stories such as infographics, web pages, videos, social media posts, and reports, igniting their creativity and learning. When you foster creativity and digital storytelling into the curriculum, students learn how to think critically, solve problems creatively, and express ideas in compelling ways. These skills empower students to succeed both in school and in their careers.

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Adobe Express for Education

For Faculty

Easy-to-create engaging learning resources: FREE education templates and step-by-step teaching resources, faculty have the confidence to introduce innovative activities and assessments to students that leverage best-in-class digital tools for creativity.

Drive Student engagement: integrate digital skills across disciplines and throughout your curricula, help their students master subject matter, stay immersed in their academic material, and improve learning outcomes.
Works with the tools teachers use most: Adobe Express works with many of the tools teachers use daily like Google Drive, Microsoft OneNote, and Microsoft Teams, providing access to Adobe Express creative tools seamlessly in their daily workflow

Adobe Express for Education

For Students

All-in-one storytelling platform Create stunning research papers, writing assignments, graphics, flyers, photos, videos, narrated stories, presentations, reports, and so much more.
In the classroom and on the go Use Adobe Express on many different devices including desktop or laptop computers, or mobile devices. All projects sync to the cloud for easy access and can be exported to PDF.
Classroom collaboration Invite others to work with them on projects and easily tag-team to make edits.
Built-in inspiration Adobe Express includes thousands of education-focused templates to use as starting points for assignments or as personal inspiration, and it also includes millions of royalty-free Adobe Stock images.

IT & Administration
Adobe Express for Education

For IT/Administration

Easy deployment Integrates with your existing educational technology and business platforms
Improved student experience Students spend more time creating and less time working out the tool.
Unleash creativity across the entire institution Academics creating podcasts and videos of their research, careers teams using the power of social media, etc.


Creativity and visual communication are key for students of all disciplines. Adobe Express for Higher Education provides the foundation for students to create.


Students can create Express Pages about protest music throughout history or use Premiere Rush to produce video analyses of famous film scenes.


Students can create videos about sustainability in the environment or use Adobe Express to create a graphical map showing system components.


In a business plan class, students can design logos for their businesses or create Express Pages that analyze social media bias in a marketing course.

Social Sciences

Students can produce a series of graphics presenting socio-political arguments or create videos to showcase prototype designs for an app about Junteenth.


Students can use Photoshop Express to create portraits that explore identity and expression or produce videos using sound to create a sense of place.

What’s included with Adobe Express for Education

Adobe Express for K12 Adobe Express for Higher Education
Apps Free version of Adobe Express
  • Adobe Express app (web/mobile)
  • Premiere Rush (desktop/mobile)
  • Photoshop Express (mobile)
  • Spark Video (mobile)
  • Spark Page (mobile)
Services 2 GB cloud storage Adobe Portfolio + 100 GB of cloud storage + Premium support
Content Thousands of templates, design assets, and Adobe Fonts. A limited collection of royalty-free Adobe Stock free collection photos.
  • All premium templates and design assets including the entire collection of over 160 million royalty-free Adobe Stock photo collection* photos.

* Adobe Express membership required. The Adobe Stock photo collection does not include Premium or editorial content. Limited Adobe Stock functionality available in web page and video features.

Collaboration Create unlimited projects and share them with students and faculty.
  • Create unlimited projects and share them with students and faculty.
  • Manage and share your templates and assets with Creative Cloud Libraries.
  • Basic editing features and photo effects including background removal and animate
  • Add multiple pages of any size to your project
  • Basic and premium editing features like refine cutout, resize, and graphic groups.
  • Over 20,000 licensed Adobe Fonts, curved type, grids, and font pairs.
  • Add your branding, logo, colors, and fonts in one tap.
  • Add multiple pages of any size to your project.
  • Convert & export to and from PDFs and other file types.
  • Create on both web and mobile.

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