Augmented/Virtual Reality (AR/VR) Bootcamp


AR/VR Bootcamp for Education

Taking learning from 2D to 3D with immersive technology

Spending an enormous amount of time researching the best augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) tools is not only impractical, but it is also unnecessary. Get the resources to begin successful AR/VR implementation with in-depth tools and practical classroom application.

What’s included in the 2-day AR/VR Bootcamp:

  • Getting started with AR/VR

  • RediscoVR LeARning

  • AR/VR Playground

  • AR Scavenger Hunts

  • Living in 360

  • Creating AR/VR for your classroom

Instructor Info

Jaime Donally

Jaime Donally is the author of Learning Transported and is a highly sought-after speaker/teacher that will transform your use of AR/VR  in the classroom and help re-engage your students.


Training only


Training w/ 6th generation iPad

Participants will need a 5th generation iPad OR iPhones 6S or above for this event. You may bring your own. Don’t have one? We can add one to your registration fee.


What is our daily schedule?

Each morning, we will start at 8:30am (local time). You will want to arrive just after 8:00am so that you can park, get inside and get ready for an exciting day. We have breaks during the day and plan on our catered lunch around 11:30am. We will conclude each day by 4:00pm.

Do I need to bring lunch or snacks?

Yes and No…Each location usually has coffee and drinks available for purchase. We are not able to cater breakfast items, please bring a snack with you each day. We will cater lunch for you and it is usually from a deli. Sandwich tray, with condiments, and cookies has been very popular.

Do I need to be a Tech Pro to do AR/VR?

Not at all! If you are familiar with downloading and using Apps, you will be fine. This training is designed as a training of trainers, so we want you to be able to return to your school and redeliver what you have learned.

How should I dress?

We encourage business casual. Jeans are absolutely fine. Bring a jacket if you tend to get cool in a training room.


  • Augmented/Virtual Reality (AR/VR) Bootcamp

    #ARVRBootcamp #ARVRinEDU What a fabulous opportunity to learn how to incorporate novel learning experiences using AR VR technologies in the classrooms.

  • #ARVRBootcamp If you are in education and you’re not looking to AR/VR you’re going to be left behind.


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