Teaching with Adobe in the Classroom

Teach students to create interactive digital versions of documents, such as magazines, newspapers, and posters with navigation, page transitions, audio, and video clips, animations, and more.

Sophos: Cybersecurity System Buyers Guide

Choosing a cybersecurity system is a big decision. What should you look for and how can you be sure of making the right choice?

10 Reasons Schools Choose Creative Cloud for Classrooms

When it comes to creative software, Adobe is THE choice worldwide. From Dreamweaver to Photoshop to Premiere Pro and Illustrator, Adobe has the single most frequently used suite of tools and solutions available. In the past, these programs were avail...[Read More]

First Steps in Prioritizing IT Security in Schools

In today’s digital age, K12 and University networks are targets for attacks due to their collaborative environments. Breaches can cause serious reputational damage and be expensive.  Good security planning will reduce the operational costs and potent...[Read More]

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