Kwikboost Gets Customized

At KwikBoost we create beautifully customized mobile charging solutions for every need. Need a custom graphic? KwikBoost has you covered. Need your charging station to meet strict space requirements? We can build your unit to meet your exact specific...[Read More]

Smart Robots for Curious Minds Webinar

Wonder Workshop introduces Dash & Dot for Education

NEW Intuos Tablets

The new range of Intuos Pen & Touch tablets consists of the four models: Intuos Draw, Intuos Art, Intuos Comic and Intuos Photo. Each model includes free creative software as well as additional training and service offers. The pen tablets come in...[Read More]

Wacom Cintiq Companion 2

Enjoy total creative freedom with Cintiq Companion 2nd generation.  The superior natural pen-on-screen drawing experience brings each remarkable detail of your expression to life with exquisite accuracy. Plug into your Mac or PC or go find a favorite...[Read More]

The True Potential of 3D Printing in Education – Replay

From STEM programs, to project base learning, to encouraging entrepreneurialism in the classroom, few technologies since the computer have had a more drastic effect on the way students learn.

Why Choose Kaspersky Lab?

Find out why Kaspersky Lab is best for your school.

Sophos Cloud Overview

With Sophos Cloud, you can manage your end users’ security from anywhere in the world, any time of the day – even when you probably shouldn’t.

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