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Models & System Requirements

Updated October 2015

Developed on Google’s browser-based operating system, Chromium, CloudReady replaces an existing operating system with one easy installation.

Each PC’s hardware is unique, so Neverware works on every certified model individually to ensure the best possible experience.  Neverware does not guarantee functionality or represent support for any model not listed below.

Don’t see your model?

New models are certified regularly. Few models issued before 2007 will be certified; please scroll to the bottom of this document for actively updated system requirements.

Currently Certified Education Models:


Acer Aspire 1430

Acer Aspire One 721

Acer Veriton L460

Acer Aspire V5

Acer Aspire One D257

Acer Veriton M460

Acer Aspire One 532h

Acer Travelmate B113-M

Acer Veriton M480


Apple iMac 9,1

Apple Macbook 3,1

Apple Macbook 5,1

Apple Macbook 7,1

Apple iMac 11,2

Apple Macbook 4,1

Apple Macbook 5,2

Apple Macbook Pro 9,2


Asus EeePC 1005HA

Asus x200m

Asus X401U


Dell Inspiron 11 3000 series

Dell Latitude D830 (NVIDIA)

Dell Latitude E6510

Dell Optiplex 790

Dell Inspiron 15 (3531)

Dell Latitude E4200

Dell Latitude E6520

Dell Optiplex 9010

Dell Inspiron 1545

Dell Latitude E4300

Dell Latitude 2100

Dell Optiplex 960

Dell Inspiron Mini 10v 1011

Dell Latitude E5400

Dell Latitude 2120 

Dell Optiplex 980

Dell Inspiron Mini 91

Dell Latitude E5410

Dell Optiplex 3010

Dell Optiplex 990

Dell Inspiron Zino 410

Dell Latitude E5420

Dell Optiplex 3020

Dell Optiplex 7020

Dell Latitude 3330

Dell Latitude E5430

Dell Optiplex 330

Dell Vostro 1014

Dell Latitude D420

Dell Latitude E5500

Dell Optiplex 360

Dell Vostro 1220

Dell Latitude D430

Dell Latitude E5510

Dell Optiplex 380

Dell Vostro 3300

Dell Latitude D520

Dell Latitude E5520

Dell Optiplex 390

Dell Vostro 1400

Dell Latitude D530

Dell Latitude E5530

Dell Optiplex 580

Dell Vostro 1440

Dell Latitude D620

Dell Latitude E6230

Dell Optiplex 7010

Dell Vostro 1500

Dell Latitude D630 (Intel)

Dell Latitude E6400

Dell Optiplex 745

Dell Vostro 1510

Dell Latitude D630 (NVIDIA)

Dell Latitude E6410

Dell Optiplex 755

Dell Latitude D820

Dell Latitude E6420

Dell Optiplex 760

Dell Latitude D830 (Intel) 

Dell Latitude E6500

Dell Optiplex 780


Gateway E-265M


HP 215 G1

HP Compaq 8510p

HP Elitebook 2730p

HP Probook 4440s

HP 3115m

HP Compaq dc5700

HP Elitebook 2740p

HP Probook 4510s

HP 3125

HP Compaq dc5750

HP Elitebook 6910p

HP Probook 4525s

HP 630

HP Compaq dc5800

HP Elitebook 6930p

HP Probook 4530s

HP Compaq 2230s

HP Compaq dc5850

HP Elitebook 8440p

HP Probook 4540s

HP Compaq 2510p

HP Compaq dc7700

HP Elitebook 8460p

HP Probook 5310m

HP Compaq 6000 Pro

HP Compaq dc7800

HP Elitebook 8540p

HP Probook 6440b

HP Compaq 6005 Pro

HP Compaq dc7900

HP Mini 100e

HP Probook 6445b

HP Compaq 6200 Pro

HP Compaq Elite 8000

HP Mini 1103

HP Probook 6455b

HP Compaq 6300 Pro

HP Compaq 8100 Elite

HP Mini 2102

HP Probook 6460b

HP Compaq 6510b

HP Compaq Elite 8300

HP Pro 3000

HP Probook 6465b

HP Compaq 6710b

HP Elitebook 2530p

HP Probook 4310s

HP Probook 6470b

HP Compaq 6730b

HP Elitebook 2560p

HP Probook 4320s

HP Probook 6550b

HP Compaq 6720s

HP Elitebook 2710p

HP Probook 4430s

HP Probook 6560b




Lenovo 3000 G530 446

Lenovo Thinkcentre M57e

Lenovo Thinkpad T400

Lenovo Thinkpad x140e

Lenovo 3000 N200 

Lenovo Thinkcentre M58

Lenovo Thinkpad T400s

Lenovo Thinkpad x200t

Lenovo B590

Lenovo Thinkcentre M58e

Lenovo ThinkPad T430

Lenovo Thinkpad X220

Lenovo G550

Lenovo Thinkpad R400

Lenovo ThinkPad T440p

Lenovo Thinkpad X61

Lenovo Ideapad S10-3

Lenovo Thinkpad R500

Lenovo Thinkpad T500

Lenovo Thinkpad x120e

Lenovo Y530

Lenovo Thinkpad R61

Lenovo Thinkpad R61i 

Lenovo Thinkpad X230

Lenovo Thinkpad L420

Lenovo Thinkpad T60

Lenovo Thinkpad SL500

Lenovo Thinkpad X300

Lenovo Thinkpad L430

Lenovo Thinkpad T61 (Intel)

Lenovo Thinkpad x130e

Lenovo Thinkpad L440

Lenovo Thinkpad T61 (NVIDIA)

Lenovo Thinkpad x131e


Toshiba Satellite C55-B5100

Toshiba Satellite Pro L350

 – Not all hardware configurations on this model are supported. Click the model’s name for more details.

If your model isn’t on our list of supported devices, and you’re wondering if it might be compatible, use the information below as an approximate guide to what usually works.

System Requirements:


1 GB or more RAM  will provide a fluid CloudReady experience. Additional RAM will help make multi-tab browsing and app-switching smoother.

Connectivity –

Wifi or Ethernet access is necessary during CloudReady set up, and just like Chromebooks, many applications cannot be used when offline.


Changing a PC’s operating system requires access to the BIOS settings. In most cases, everything works fine with default settings, but in some cases you may need to update the BIOS on your computers, or toggle certain settings.

Storage –

Like Chromebooks, CloudReady relies primarily on cloud-storage, and so only requires 8GB local storage (HDD or SSD).

Chipset / Graphics –

On CloudReady, graphics processing is where computers show their age the most. Every model is unique, but the following are “rules of thumb” for what has potential to meet our certification standards:

  • Desktops & Laptops: Introduced on or after May 2007
  • Netbooks: Introduced on or after June 2009
  • NOTE: Netbooks with Intel GMA 500, 600, 3600, or 3650 graphics will have very poor performance despite meeting other technical requirements.

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