DIR Contract-3343

State of Texas DIR

Contract for Education IT Hardware & Software

DIR Contract Number: DIR-TSO-3343
Vendor ID: 1463753365500
HUB Type: Non HUB
Contract Term End Date: 10/1/2016
Contract Exp Date: 10/1/2019
Texas DIR Website
DIR Cooperative Contracts

Scope of Products Discount % off MSRP
Adobe    8%
ASUS  1%-10%
LeapFrog Enterprises  5%

Texas DIR branded price list (XLS format)

Please see manufacturer for product warranty information.  See JourneyEd.com’s product return policy here.

Ordering Information

Call, direct mail, fax or email your purchase order and quote form to JourneyEd.com.

You must reference the DIR contract number DIR-TSO-3343 on your purchase order.

80 E. McDermott Dr.
Allen, TX 75002
phone: 800-876-3507   fax: 866-947-4604  email: sales@journeyed.com

For HUB Orders: 

HiED, Inc.
80 E. McDermott Dr.
Allen, TX 75002
phone: 800-876-3467   fax: 866-947-4604  email: sales@hied.com

Contract Highlights

Eligible User: Texas Government Code sets out the eligible customers who can purchase technology products/services through the Cooperative Contracts Program. They include:

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