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Over 4000 educational institutions worldwide use Dropbox to get work done. To bring business critical information inside your organization’s walls, get your entire team on board with Dropbox. Employees can use the solution they love and you’ll have the control and visibility you need.

3 reasons to upgrade to Dropbox Education


When files get spread across multiple devices and solutions, and teams find themselves working across offices, collaboration suffers. Dropbox  unites devices, apps, and offices, letting employees easily work with each other and external partners. Advanced features like commenting and the Dropbox badge bring collaboration into the files users work with every day.

  • As much space as you need

  • Native collaboration inside Microsoft Office

  • Unlimited file recovery
  • Unlimited version history


Employees want the tools that help them stay productive. But too many solutions can make controlling company data difficult for IT. Dropbox  gives both end users and IT what they need: one centrally managed solution that works with all the apps and devices employees already use.

  • Remove wipe

  • Comprehensive auditing

  • Separate personal and work Dropboxes
  • Enterprise solution integrations
  • Password-protection and expiring links


Managing an educational organization takes time and resources. Dropbox makes scaling easier by giving you administrative control over your entire team’s accounts. And with a flexible solution that helps your team stay productive, you can retire outdated technologies — which means getting money back.

  • Admin dashboard

  • Per-user pricing

  • AD and SSO integration
  • Priority support
  • Centralized billing

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