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3 Reasons to Upgrade to Dropbox Education

Over 4000 education institutions use Dropbox to get work done. To bring business critical information inside your company walls…

Collaborate Across Campus with Dropbox Education

Collecting assignments, coordinating research, and collaborating on group work can be challenging…

Why 1 Million Educators Choose Dropbox Education

Dropbox Education empowers faculty, staff, and students to do their best work together from anywhere…

Dropbox for Higher Education – Overview

Dropbox Education helps faculty, staff, and students work anywhere on any device…

What is Dropbox Education?

500 million registered users around the world rely on Dropbox to work together anytime, anywhere. Dropbox secures this powerful collaboration network…

Why teams use Dropbox with Adobe Creative Cloud

For decades, the Adobe Creative Suite has enabled designers, publishers, and creative professionals to turn their big ideas into their best…

Why teams use Dropbox with Autodesk

For decades, Autodesk has enabled designers, engineers, and construction teams into their best…

Why teams use Dropbox with Microsoft Office 365

Leading institutions who use Microsoft Office 365 recognize the need for the mobile productivity and collaboration capabilities…

White Papers

Cleveland Community College Customer Spotlight

Dropbox for Education helps the North Carolina college sharpen its focus on teaching by enabling staff to work across devices, saving time on IT and administrative tasks.

California State University, Fullerton  Customer Spotlight

Dropbox for Education enables the university’s students, faculty, and staff to collaborate on any device from any location, significantly reducing paper use and hardware costs.

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