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Whether your employees or students need access to a new software program, device, or even a backpack for back-to-school, getting it easily and at an affordable price is a must.

Our proprietary eCommerce fulfillment solutions fit most any school’s need for easy and affordable online purchasing of technology products for both employees and students.

Our 3 distinct e-commerce fulfillment solutions

eCommerce Stores

We offer over 6,000 products, most with academic discounts and several unique eCommerce store solutions for schools.

  • Free co-branded ecommerce stores.

  • Work-from-home software license fulfillment.

  • eProcurement solutions, integration, management & billing.

Pre-paid Redemption Codes

Purchase product redemption codes in bulk from us (financial aid can be used) and distribute/resell them to employees or students as needed.

We create a special website for your employees or students to enter their redemption code and access their prepaid products for download.

eCommerce Product Feeds

Expand your site’s offering to include academic priced products by adding our product feeds. You make the sale and we fulfill the products and provide customer support.

This is the perfect solution for online bookstores, consortias or other organizations in education.