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Are all schools and institutions eligible to purchase from JourneyEd.com?

All schools and academic institutions are eligible to purchase from JourneyEd.com. To help with the special needs of academic institutions and purchasers, JourneyEd has a dedicated team of account managers available to assist you. These representatives are experts in licensing, volume pricing and other school software related matters. Purchase orders are also accepted for additional convenience.

How can JourneyEd.com offer such low prices?

JourneyEd.com has partnered with manufacturers that recognize our commitment to providing professional software tools at prices that students and teachers can afford. This allows us to offer the best tools in the marketplace at the lowest possible price.

What is the difference between the products offered by JourneyEd.com and the commercial versions?

Nothing. Aside from the price, these products are functionally identical to the commercial versions. As a student, you are eligible to purchase one copy of each software at educational discounts. Some software titles such as AutoCAD, Pro/E,3D Studio Max and Quickbooks are functionally identical to the commercial versions but have been specially designed for educational use, making it them unsuitable for a professional production environment.

What are the advantages of volume software licensing?

Purchasing multiple-user licenses can be overwhelming, but JourneyEd.com is ready to assist you in obtaining the best arrangement for you organization. Multiple-User Licenses offer substantial discounts over the individual priced software copies while offering several advantages to your organization.

These include:

A simple, one-stop process for your organization.

JourneyEd.com offers licensing for hundreds of titles, so we can offer competitive pricing in one easy transaction.

Solutions that are more cost-effective than single-user products.

Increased discounts are available with increased numbers of users. Many titles offered by JourneyEd.com are available in tiered or cumulative discounts, so the more you buy, the more you save!

Reduced administration costs due to one-time purchase and installation.

Many titles are also available with add-on technical support or free upgrades for a particular period of time to streamline your installation. Your organization can focus on your needs instead of being overwhelmed by your software.

Legal compliance for your organization under a customized multi-user plan.
JourneyEd.com provides an easy way to outfit all of your workstations with the latest versions of top software titles; and all at a reasonable price!

How do I submit a purchase order?

You can fax your purchase order to 866-947-4604 or email to faxin-po@journeyed.com

Why is tax showing up on my order when I am tax exempt?

Please fax your tax exemption form to 866-947-4604 or email to faxin-po@journeyed.com (please reference your purchase order number or order number for faster processing).

Are discounts available for purchasing multiple quantities?

Many software manufacturers offer volume license discounts when ordering 5 or more licenses. Please contact sales at 877-693-7763 to learn more.

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