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Gemini is an AI-powered assistant that can help you save time, create captivating learning experiences, and inspire fresh ideas — all in a private and secure environment.

Research & Brainstorm

Create Content

Write & Summarize Emails

Enhance Presentations

Stay Organized

Improve Meetings

Get Gemini for Google Workspace

Gemini for Workspace provides an enhanced Gemini chat experience using our most capable AI models widely available today and access to Gemini across the Workspace apps you already know and love. Add Gemini for Workspace to your existing Workspace for Education edition by purchasing one of the following add-ons.


Gemini can help speed up time-consuming tasks like creating lesson plans, writing grant proposals and summarizing documents. It can also be a thought partner, helping you get fresh ideas and make learning more personal for your students by tailoring content to their needs and interests.

University Students

Gemini can provide guided support to help students learn more confidently with in-the-moment assistance, bespoke practice materials, and real-time feedback and ideas. Hands-on experience with generative AI will also help prepare students for an AI-driven future.

Have questions? We’ve got answers

Are there any restrictions for who can use Gemini for Google Workspace?

Gemini for Google Workspace is available globally in English, Spanish and Portuguese* for users 18 years of age and older. We are actively working on making Gemini for Google Workspace available for other languages. To get Gemini for Google Workspace, you need an existing Google Workspace for Education edition.

These features seem great but I’m worried about privacy. How are you protecting my data?

Protecting the privacy and confidentiality of your data is our top priority. Please read this blog post to learn more about our commitment to protecting your data.

Is there a purchase minimum? Are there any other requirements in order for me to purchase?

You can purchase as few as 1 license. Gemini Education and Gemini Education Premium can be purchased as an add-on to any Google Workspace for Education edition.

How do I purchase Gemini Education or Gemini Education Premium?

As an authorized Google Workspace for Education partner Gemini Education and Gemini Education Premium are available through JourneyEd.  To get in touch and learn more, please complete the form above.

Do I need to assign Gemini Education licenses in order for my users to get access?

Yes, in order for a user in your institution to access Gemini Education features they need to have a Gemini Education or Gemini Education Premium license assigned to them. You can assign them a license in the Admin console.

How do usage limits work?

Each person with a Gemini Education license can use Gemini ( and features in Gemini for Google Workspace 1,000 times per month. Usage limits reset on the first day of each month. People with a Gemini Education Premium license have full access and usage of Gemini for Workspace.

What’s the difference between the standalone Gemini chat experience and Gemini Education?

Gemini is offered free of charge as an Additional Service for all Workspace for Education users 18 years and older. This Gemini chat experience is covered under the Google Terms of Service, the Generative AI Additional Terms of Service, and the Gemini Apps Privacy Notice. Coming soon, education users accessing Gemini with their Google Workspace for Education accounts will also have added data protection, meaning their data will not be reviewed by anyone to improve AI models, used to train AI models, or shared with other users or organizations.

Gemini Education provides access to Gemini for Workspace, bringing together the power of Gemini with the collaboration and productivity benefits of Workspace by embedding generative AI into Docs, Gmail, Slides and more. It also provides access to chat with Gemini using Google’s most capable AI models widely available today, providing insightful and expert responses. Gemini Education is covered under your Google Workspace for Education Terms of Service, and your data is not reviewed by anyone to improve AI models, used to train AI models, or shared with other users or organizations. Additionally, your organization’s existing controls and data handling practices, such as data-regions policies and Data Loss Prevention, are automatically applied.

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