IT Device Management

Did you know that mobile devices are now more numerous than people on the planet? Cell phones, tablets and other devices are our constant companions, allowing us to reach others, do research and organize our day. Is it any wonder that these slim devices have made their way into the classroom?

Consider these statistics:

76% of students bring their mobile devices to campus.
84% of faculty/staff bring their mobile devices to campus

Restore Order with Comprehensive Device Management

We offer  IT device management solutions for schools and colleges to solve the challenges of mobile adoption. Our service professionals work hand-in-hand with you to understand and deliver the capabilities and performance needed to scale your IT environment and keep up with changing mobile demands.

  • Complete visibility and control of all devices
  • Automate maintenance of hardware and software
  • Handle emergencies such as security issues in real-time
  • Scalable, low-cost solution for all – small, medium and large


  • Cloud-based platform: Supports all iOS and Android devices
  • Discovery and auditing: Automates visibility and inventory of all devices
  • Management: Centralized control automates policies and configuration
  • Monitor: Observe performance, memory and status and apply automatic fixes
  • Remote Support: Diagnose and resolve problems easily and securely
  • Reporting: Collect data continuously for business intelligence and asset reporting
  • Customize: Extend functionality with pre-packaged scripts and pre-built software


  • Scalable, easy to deploy and use
  • Full visibility and control of all devices and the environment in real-time
  • Manages all mobile devices, as well as desktops, laptops and servers
  • Saves time to allow IT staff to focus on larger issues and projects
  • Standardizes the environment and enables version control
  • Improves performance by regularly clearing out old background files
  • Automatically tracks software deployment
  • Identifies and installs missing patches quickly
  • Reduces security issues, including vulnerabilities and exploits
  • Full remote support capability from anywhere

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