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We work with an ever growing list of technology companies and providers and also provide dedicated account management to make your work not only easier, but also less expensive.

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Specializing in products and services for the education market, now offers schools and colleges a Wireless Platform that solves these dilemmas.


Specializing in products and services for the education market, now offers a Virtualization Solution for schools and colleges. 


Industry-leading protection that solves these dilemmas is now available from, a leading reseller of products and services for the education market.


Earthquakes, tsunamis and tornadoes, to computer viruses threaten to shut down entire networks, or delete all the data on a server.


JourneyEd works with you to understand and deliver the capabilities and performance needed to scale your IT environment and keep up with changing mobile demands.

TECHNOLOGY LEASING offers technology leasing solutions that can fit most any school’s budget and/or technology plan.