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Network Security

Industry-leading protection to solve the dilemma of network security is now available from, a leading reseller of products and services for the education market.

Virtualization Solutions

A virtualization solution can reduce school costs, extend hardware life, and enhance the learning experience of each student.

Technology Leasing offers technology leasing solutions that can fit most any school’s budget and/or technology plan.


Teach anywhere, deliver online and hybrid learning, through impactful virtual experiences and expand access to education.

Web Filtering

Enable an engaging learning experience that remains remarkably consistent for both in-person and online learning.

Digital Signatures

An online digital signature system helps educational institutions save the cost of paper, postage, storage, and archiving every document.

Device Management

Get the capabilities and performance to keep up with changing mobile demands.

Disaster Recovery

From natural disasters to computer viruses, all can shut down networks and delete all the server data.


Providing employees or students access to new software programs, devices, or even a backpack.

IT Network Solution Resources

Sophos: Cybersecurity System Buyers Guide

Choosing a cybersecurity system is a big decision. What should you look for and how can you be sure of making the right choice?

VMWare Modernizing the Infrastructure

Find out what it means to modernize the infrastructure. Understand the challenges the digital economy is putting on the IT infrastructure.

Security of Virtual Infrastructure IT Security Risks Special Report

Learn about the risks and how to avoid them in this detailed whitepaper.

VMware Network Virtualization Overview

Virtual infrastructure gives administrators the advantage of managing pooled resources across the enterprise, allowing IT managers to be more responsive to dyna...[Read More]

IT Network Security for Schools

With the rise of digital devices and online learning, schools are among the most vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Don’t wait until a breach occurs. Keep student and...[Read More]

First Steps in Prioritizing IT Security in Schools

In today’s digital age, K12 and University networks are targets for attacks due to their collaborative environments. Breaches can cause serious reputational dam...[Read More]

The IT Guide to Technology Leasing for Schools

When managing technology resources across the full product lifecycle, leasing can provide an efficient, effective way to maximum return from IT assets, while mi...[Read More]

The Key to Repelling Ransomware

Let’s call it what it is: Ransomware is a digital mechanism for extortion. The most common ransomware attack scenarios encrypt the victim’s data before a ransom...[Read More]

Introducing Kaspersky Endpoint Security

Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business is an innovative platform which secures and manages all endpoints featuring: Award-wining anti-malware, Data encryption...[Read More]

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