Turn any computer into a Chromebook.

Power your computer with the world’s fastest, easiest and most simple operating system.


Streamlined Performance

CloudReady only runs one thing: a browser. This makes for a bloat-proof and lightweight OS that can keep machines up to 8 years old fast and responsive.

You don’t need to get a new machine to experience a market-leading OS or get reliable performance. CloudReady works on the computers you already have and lets cloud-services do the heavy lifting.

Linux, Like Never Before

You don’t have to settle if you want a headache-free Linux distribution. CloudReady is an alternative to other Linux distributions that gives you a clean, modern, and unobtrusive desktop.

Integrated throughout the OS is the full potential of Google’s cloud services, from Drive to Docs. Your settings, apps, and files follow you to any machine, and everything else gets out of the way.

Broad Hardware Compatibility

Chromium was designed to run only on specific Chromebook hardware. CloudReady makes it run on virtually any machine by providing a single installer image with broad driver support and compatibility fixes.

We’re constantly improving CloudReady’s support for all the most common graphics, wifi, trackpad, and even hot-key functionality. It’s easy to install CloudReady and start using it right away. No headaches; no configuration, no expertise needed.

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