Technology Leasing for Schools

When managing technology resources across the full product lifecycle, leasing can provide an efficient, effective way to maximum return from IT assets, while minimizing risk and aggressively managing costs. offers technology leasing solutions that can fit most any school’s budget and/or technology plan.

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Technology most commonly leased by schools

Chromebooks  |  Windows Notebooks  |  Tablets |  Printers  |  Networking Gear  |  Storage and Servers  |  Software  |  IT Services
most anything else IT related


Because leasing provides you with a low, affordable monthly payment, you get greater purchasing power.


With leasing, pay for the use of the equipment while you need it, then trade in, add on, exchange, or upgrade over time.


Depending on the type of lease, monthly payments are often tax deductible or can be capitalized.


Leasing your technology provides you with practical end of lease alternatives.


With leasing, there is no large up-front cash outlay and no large down payment due, so you get the technology your business needs without tying up your cash and existing credit lines.


You can finance hardware, software, training, installation, shipping, and more, and pay one fixed monthly payment.


Fixed monthly payments make budget forecasting easy.


One-stop shopping with means easy administration and quick response times.

Financial and technological flexibility is the single most common reason schools decide to lease instead of buy.
If it appreciates, buy it.
If it depreciates, lease it.

To learn more about equipment leasing options contact us today!

Get a Fast Quote…Same Day Response Guaranteed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is leasing right for smaller schools?

Yes! Any size school can benefit from leasing.

Is there an example of payments and savings on a 24/36/48 month lease on hardware?

Monthly payments can range between 2.4% and 2.7% of equipment list price, depending on credit rating and product type.  Potential first year savings of about 70%, compared to a cash purchase of the same product at list price.  Present value savings of 10% to 20%, compared to cash, over a 3 year period.

Example lease quote and savings for $500K in Chromebooks and $50K in soft-costs (warranties & services)

Equipment Cash Price                     $ 550,000.00
Purchase Option                                 Fair Market Value

Lease Term: 24 months
Payments: $ 235,017.00 – annual advanced payments

Payment Totals: $ 470,034.00 ($79,966.00 saving if equipment is returned)

Lease Term: 36 months
Payments: $ 169,987.00 – annual advanced payments

Payment Totals: $ 509,961.00 ($ 40,039.00 saving if equipment is returned)

Lease Term: 48 months
Payments: $ 139,137.00 – annual advanced payments
Payment Totals: $ 556,548.00 ($6,548.00 additional if equipment is returned)

*Under an Operating Lease, base payments are typically lower then compared to a like term Tax Exempt Purchase structure.  Following the base term, the Lessee has several options; 1) the equipment may be returned without penalty; 2) the lease term may be re-negotiated and extended; 3) the equipment may be purchased at its then Fair Market Value; or 4) the Lessee may continue to make monthly payments beyond the original term until they are ready to exercise one of the three previously listed options.

Do I need to submit any financial statements or other documentation along with my lease application?

In most cases, no, you don’t need to submit any additional information for transactions under $75,000. For transactions greater than $75,000, your most recent two years’ financial statements (preferably audited) are required, and an interim statement if the last annual statement is more than six months old.

Do I need to provide insurance on my leased equipment?

Yes, you need to provide proof of insurance ( naming the lease provider as “loss payee”). You can easily arrange the necessary coverage through your current insurance provider. If you don’t provide proof of insurance, a monthly risk fee will be assessed on your invoice.

Can I add to my existing lease when I need more equipment?

Yes, you can add onto your existing lease at any time during your lease term quickly and easily. Your lease payments will be recalculated to include the new equipment (your lease term will remain the same, only your payment amount will change).

Does leasing affect my warranties?

No, all the same warranties apply whether you buy or lease your equipment.

Can I cancel my lease?

No. A lease is a non-cancelable contract and you’re responsible for all payments throughout the course of the lease term.

What is the "fair market value" of my equipment going to be, and how is it calculated?

The fair market value is defined as the price for which the equipment could be sold or rented in a transaction between unrelated parties. It’s “market driven” and can’t be set in advance. Per IRS guidelines, if the end-of-lease purchase price were guaranteed up front, your monthly payments would not be fully tax deductible.

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