From strategy to support, IT managers are expected to do it all. Often they are the unsung heroes who fix problems, install software and use every means available to keep the servers up and running. Nowhere is this truer than on school campuses where aging infrastructures, dwindling budgets and the exploding use of mobile technology are the norm. Virtualization is proving to be the answer for many schools and colleges who operate with small IT staffs and limited budgets.

Consider these statistics:

60% of IT directors say cloud computing a priority
68% of all workloads now run on virtual machines
21% annual savings

Flexibility and scalability make virtualization very attractive, not to mention the cost savings for everything from hardware to electricity.

Virtualization Simplifies Management, Increases IT Efficiency

  • Server consolidation: consolidate hardware and increase utilization
  • Software-defined data center: virtualize, pool and automate all data center resources
  • Desktop virtualization: deliver secure virtual desktops as a managed service
  • Storage consolidation: combine server disks into a shared pool


  • Compute Share hardware resources across hosts.
  • Network¬†Define priority access to network resources
  • Availability High availability and built-in replication
  • Automation Deploy and patch hosts in minutes
  • Management Centralize management of the entire virtualized platform
  • Security Eliminate anti-virus footprints in virtual machines.
  • Storage Migrate storage, eliminate virtual machine storage and I/O bottlenecks


  • Save time and money by consolidating more applications on fewer servers
  • Eliminate application downtime
  • Achieve high reliability and performance
  • Simplify and streamline management of the virtual environment
  • Easy installation with wizard-based guides
  • Deliver airtight security

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