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Kathleen McCann

Technology Coordinator, Paramus Public Schools

This past year I have spent a considerable amount of time researching Microsoft’s Volume License Program. It is interesting to note that I have heard many different scenarios about their offerings. Your Account Manager (Odessa) had the ability to provide me with a clear explanation of the program, along with the best option for us. Please commend her for the work she does.

Anita Girelli

Director of Business Operations,Council of Independent Colleges in Virginia

The Council of Independent Colleges in Virginia is an umbrella support organization for 29 private nonprofit colleges in Virginia. is a software provider for almost all of our member colleges and universities. As the director of group business initiatives, Jason has helped me become more engaged with this program and more comfortable with the details of what he offers to our members. Jason keeps me informed about each member’s involvement and how I can partner with him and JourneyEd to meet both the individual needs of our members and the needs of our group as a whole. Jason is prompt to respond to questions. He is proactive, knowledgeable, and productive in his dealings with our organization and our members, and our members appreciate his attention to their needs.

Bob Williamson

Network Administrator, Annie Wright Schools

Before I started working with Amrita Sethi and her team at, I was struggling with getting quotes in a timely fashion, getting help untangling the mess of MS licensing, Adobe licensing, etc. Her ability to keep her pulse on the general IT landscape and bounce ideas off is very helpful. I have, also, found myself in the bad habit of not monitoring our license renewals and she is always on top of the renewal dates. It was causing me a major headache keeping track licensing dates, versions, and changes to licensing. Since Amrita Sethi started working with me I have found that I have become lazy and don’t watch my licensing as close as I should. That is a complement! Her ability to take care of us has allowed me to worry about other things and I have seen a much less of my time researching products and licensing. There are a few things in IT which no IT person wants to deal with. One of those is licensing, which seems to get more complex every day. It is very easy to forget how important it is having someone like Amrita in your corner until you spend hours on the internet trying to untangle the MS licenses or you let a license lapse and have to scramble to get it back on track.

Lorraine N. Abraham

Chief Information Officer and Director of the Library,Emory & Henry College

Before I started working with Jason Watson and his team at, I had worked with Tim Lilly for many years as our Microsoft Site Licensing vendor. Working with Tim was always a pleasure. After being permanently reassigned to Jason, the turnaround time for anything we have needed has been GREAT. He and his team not only responsive, but they also actually anticipate our needs in some instances. We cannot ask for better service or assistance. Working with Jason and his team has already resulted in far greater efficiency in configuring new computers for our faculty and staff, especially with Adobe products, which we have only recently begun to purchase through JourneyEd. We are extremely satisfied and feel that Jason and his team have the knowledge and experience necessary to guide us through sometimes complex selection processes which greatly help our faculty and students to be creative, constructive, and efficient in the classroom.

Lorraine M. Wentzel

IT Procurement & Requisition Specialist, Albright College

I was struggling with understanding how the different software manufacturers handle their licensing, maintenance and renewals of their products until I started working with Jason Watson and his team at Jason is extremely knowledgeable and courteous, he is more than willing to go that extra step to help me. He has called me to walk me through some of the new options available through Adobe and Microsoft cloud computing. Before Jason took over my account, I was unaware of many of the new services offered by like the global asset recovery program and Meru Networks. I have since given Jason contact information on many of our network and hardware gurus here at Albright. The partnership I have with and Jason is stronger than it has ever been. As with any business, Albright is no different, budgets and time are always the front runners in making decisions. Thanks to Jason, I now have a comprehensive list of all my Adobe products listed by version so I know exactly where we stand when we need to upgrade. Understanding the new Adobe cloud option has made us aware of how we can cut costs over time and have newer versions in more places rather than various versions scattered everywhere on campus. Knowing that I can reach out to Jason via email just about any time, makes me very happy. I can tell he sincerely enjoys what he is doing, it shows in how thorough he is and well spoken. He knows his stuff!

Tom Scheer

Monroe County Community College

Before I started working with Michelle Griffin and her team at, I was struggling with our Adobe vendor. This vendor was uncooperative and condescending, but that all changed the day I reached out to Michelle and Michelle has to be one of the best account reps we have ever had. She has a great understanding of our needs and constantly provides us with new opportunities. Michelle stepped in and provided me with plans, pricing and purchase information geared towards my environment that made sense and saved my institution money and time. Since Michelle Griffin started working with me I have found that purchasing Adobe products at an educational level does not have to be bothersome or difficult. She has made this process very easy for us.

Pat Boudreau

Software Compliance Specialist, Tarrant County College

I have used as a vendor for Tarrant County College for over 14 years. In the past I only contacted them when I needed some type of educational software – maybe just 1 or 2 licenses. Over time I came to realize they were more than just an online retail store for boxed software. Michelle Griffin’s knowledge of their products has helped many times over the years to find solutions for our educational needs. She and her team of experts have found many solutions at the best prices. Their search for solutions at times goes above and beyond what you would normally expect. Michelle stays on top of any issue I have even if JourneyEd is not the source of the problem. She has assisted with Adobe directly when we have had issues with our licensing through them. Michelle has worked directly with Microsoft when we have encountered issues with our Campus Agreement. I find Michelle to be diligent and detail oriented in her work. She stays with an issue to its completion even if she is not directly responsible for the resolution. It is her Customer Service skills that make me turn to JourneyEd for a good majority of my software licensing needs for the District. Many times Michelle has saved me money on my budget. This has allowed me to spend resources in other areas I might not have had available.

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