Disaster Recovery

Earthquakes, tsunamis and tornadoes, to computer viruses threaten to shut down entire networks, or delete all the data on a server. None of us want to think of these disasters, when you run a school, it is part of the job to make sure your campus is prepared for the worst – the loss of critical data and applications. Data backup, continuity, and disaster recovery mitigate the risks associated with potential loss of data. School systems (laptops, desktops, and servers) and the applications and data, are critical to  school operation. The importance of ensuring continued operation of systems, or rapid recovery has increased dramatically.

“Plan for the worst, and hope for the best”

is a good place to start, but is certainly not sufficient when talking about business-critical data
$41.9 billion total cost of disaster related damages in 2009
$8 billion total cost of viruses per year
7% of IT budget to allocate to disaster recovery
335 natural disaters in 2009

Some of the information you can manage with our solution includes:

  • Contact Information for employees, vendors, and contractors
  • Response and recovery plans
  • Supporting documents, tasks, and reminders
  • Off-site storage items
  • Outstanding Problems and/or issues
  • Incident command centers
  • Emergency operation centers
  • Relocation Facilities for IT and businesses

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