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    “Michelle stepped in and provided me with plans, pricing and purchase information geared towards my environment that made sense and saved my institution money and time.”
    Tom Scheer, Monroe County Community College
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    Lorraine M Wentzel, IT Procurement & Requisition Specialist
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    Lorraine N. Abraham, Chief Information Officer and Director of the Library
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    Bob Williamson, Network Administrator
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    Anita Girelli, Director of Business Operations
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    Kathleen McCann, Technology Coordinator
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    Pat Boudreau, Software Compliance Specialist


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Microsoft Licensing 101 for K-12 Schools

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Let’s call it what it is: Ransomware is a digital mechanism for extortion. The most common ransomware attack scenarios encrypt the victim’s data before a ransom...[Read More]

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Charging Cart Buyer’s Guide

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Successful 1:1 Computing (Infographic)

Students typically learn the way they live and, today, they live in the digital age. 1:1 computing programs at schools are here to stay, so make sure your's is ...[Read More]

Going Google: An Essential Resource Guide for Schools

Google for Education offers open technology to support learning for everyone, everywhere. In this document, you’ll find a compilation of resources that schools ...[Read More]

Deploying Microsoft Azure at Schools

Microsoft Azure delivers a broad range of benefits that apply directly to any education-sector organization, ranging from flexibility, to cost-savings and ease ...[Read More]

10 Reasons Schools Choose Creative Cloud for Classrooms

When it comes to creative software, Adobe is THE defacto option worldwide. From Dreamweaver to Photoshop to Fireworks and Flash, Adobe has the single most frequ...[Read More]

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